Data Miner Analytics Prototype Service

A data analytics service offering a rich array of ready to use methods ranging from data clustering methods to geospatial data analytics, occurrence data management, and species distribution maps generation.

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Basic Service Information

Description: Basic Service Information

Field Value
Service Multimedia
Service Name Data Miner Analytics Prototype Service
Service Options Standalone
Service Provider Name
Service Symbol
Service Tagline Analytics service offering a rich array of methods
Service URL
Target Users Software Developer,IT Manager,Data Manager,Scientist,Scientific Advisory working group (user group),e-infrastructure representative.
User Base This service is widely used by members of the following VRE(s): ICCAT BFT-E,IOTC SS3,RPrototypingLab,Sinay
User Value Software Developer: find powerful OGC-based spatial management services;IT Manager: find a coherent OGC complaint SDI for data storage, access to processing;Data Manager: a comprehensive overview of spatial info and processes;Individual scientist: spatial data on demand and processing;Scientific Advisory working group (user group): develop a comprehensive understanding of the socio-economic state of and pressure of a specific psatial area ;e-infrastructure representative: to have access to data processing and geo-exploitation data.
Service Classification Information

Description: Service Classification Information

Field Value
Related Services
Required Services None
Service Category Analytics
Service Changelog N/A
Service Language English
Service Last Update 4th of April, 2018
Service Life Cycle Status 5. Production
Service Place Europe
Service Sub Category Predictive Analytics
Service TRL TRL 9. actual system proven in operational environment
Service Valid For Up to end of 2019.
Service Version 1.1.1
Service Support Information

Description: Service Support Information

Field Value
Service Feedback
Service Helpdesk
Service Order
Service Training
Service User Manual
Service Contractual Information

Description: Service Contractual Information

Field Value
Service Funding This service is operated by
Service Level Agreement
Service Price Free, subscription, membership to corporate customers
Terms Of Use
Service Operations Information

Description: Service Operations Information

Field Value
Decommissioning Procedure
Disaster Recovery Plan
Metrics And Statistics
Operations Documentation
Service Accounting
Service Availability Hours
Service Level 1 Support
Service Level 1 Support Hours
Service Level 2 Support
Service Level 2 Support Hours
Service Level 3 Support
Service Level 3 Support Hours
Service Maintenance Window
Service Monitoring
Service Owner
Service Performance Indicator

Description: Service Performance Indicator

Field Value
Notes Reported performance indicators are aggregated values starting from 1st of April, 2017. For more information please refer to
Service Availability 100%
Service Reliability 99.649%
Service Serviceability 100%
Service Users 213
Additional Info
Field Value
system:type Service
Management Info
Field Value
Author Fabio Sinibaldi
Version 1
Last Updated 12 April 2018, 15:51 (CEST)
Created 12 April 2018, 15:51 (CEST)